Cassidey Porn Videos and Nude Pictures

Cassidey is a famous actress in the porn movie industry and she has remained this way for a number of years already. She entered into the industry far earlier than a lot of current actresses nowadays, probably because she was born in 1980. She is a porn movie actress hailing from the United States of America and modeling is believed to be the cause for her entry into porn.

She was nominated for the AVN award for several consecutive years. That fact that she performs her movies for the biggest porn company in the world, Vivid Entertainment is touted as the cause for this. This is the same company that made famous the Kim Kardashian sex video with the rap singer Ray J.

In 2005, she took a break from the industry of porn movie making. During that period of time, she worked as a children counselor and she also managed to work for the founder of MySpace, Brad Greenspan. After that, she got married to the younger brother of another porn actress. However, she did not quit the industry of porn movie making anyway. Instead, she continues to work and she contracted with the Vivid Entertainment.

Even though she is about 30 years old now, she is still attractive according to many people. Plenty people think that her breasts are just at the right shape and size. The 32B breast size might not be the best in the world, the balanced feeling along with the whole body is something that is coveted by many fans. Therefore, they would think that Cassidey is having something that they dream for and this explained why a lot of people would just like to watch the movies of Cassidey indeed. It would not be surprising for people to discover that Cassidey is also one of the best assets of the company of Vivid Entertainment indeed. Cassidey is one of the instantly recognizable porn actresses and she is destined to become a star in the future.

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